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Unlike anything you've ever experienced

Witnessing an exponential growth in Technology over the years and it is truly undeniable that the future itself is technology. Ambientellizense is a team of pioneers and trailblazers devoted to the advancement of Ambient Intelligence and the Internet of Things: the creation of totally immersive technology that seamlessly fits in our everyday life, optimize business models and undeniably raising the quality of living in all areas.


Ambient Intelligence Systems – We create immersive and non-intrusive technology that provides solutions to everyday activities.

Applications and Firmware (Sensors)

With high-quality materials and emphasis on total efficiency, we guarantee durability and full optimization.

Wearable Devices

Our wearable devices provide complete and accurate analysis useful for documentation and optimization of performance.

Digital Marketing

The world is now a global community, and we will help you achieve the full potential of your internet presence.

Diverse Analytics and Web Design and Development

– We provide detailed analytics to assist during forecasts for effective planning. – We will build befitting Websites to complement and strengthen your brand. With fully interactive UI/UX for your customers.

We are launching our unique product Schoolboon “SaaS ERP Cloud based School Management System packed with Mobile Apps” (Android, iOS & Web Browser) for educational institutions.

Ambientellizense Systems


We bring you all good features to improve productivity, increase efficiency, decrease the costs and streamline processes.

Totally immersive and non-intrusive technology

Cutting edge innovation

Complete Optimization of resources

State-of-the-art materials

Guaranteed durability and efficiency

Futuristic devices that break bounds

What We Do!

With a wide range of features, technology, and an open mind to research as a driving force, we are devoted to pushing boundaries and providing solutions perfectly tailored to your needs. Our services will help push your brand, attract customers, optimize resources and convert leads into loyal clients. We also have vertical startup projects that emphasize quality experience, innovation, accessibility and total efficiency.

“The advance of technology is based on making it fit in so that you don't really even notice it, so it's part of everyday life.”
Bill Gates,
Co-founder of Microsoft